Four Years Later

Looking back, both the Going Solo conference in Lausanne and SoloCamp in Leeds were extraordinary experiences.

The energy of the Lausanne conference led me to open a coworking space, eclau, which is thriving. In the course of my consulting work, I regularly advise freelancers and other micro-entrepreneurs on how to manage their online presence and solo professional life. Freelancing is very much a topic dear to my heart, and Going Solo was clearly the starting-point of a long-term involvement which still goes on today. You’ll also see me blogging on subjects related to freelancing on the eclau blog (in French) and in my category “Being the Boss” on Climb to the Stars.

Today is the kick-off of another “freelance-related” project: a Going Solo facebook group, for us to share our stories and discuss our preoccupations. There is another group, started by Claude Vedovini (who was the first person to sign up for the Going Solo conference, by the way!), for location-independent professionals.

Happy freelancing, and see you around!

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  1. Claude on August 16th, 2012

    “who was the first person to sign up for the Going Solo conference”

    Didn’t know that B)

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